3 Days at South Albanian Coastline and Hospitality

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Sarandë, Albania Albania Tour Guide: English

When it comes to the beautiful coastlines and natural geographic wonders, it’s hard to beat the Albanian South Riviera. On this 4×4 tour in Albanian coastline, you’ll drive along the most known beaches of Albania, taste the traditional homemade cooking and be as a guest of the Albanian hospitality.


Tirana & On request

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before departure.

  • 2 breakfasts
  • Private 4WD
  • Small group experience; Avg 18
  • Hotels 3* (2 nights)
  • Professional guide
  • Local Taxes

  • Airfare
  • Pick up & Drop Off (Add 10€)
  • Individual daily expenses/gratuities
  • 2 Lunches (add 30€, optional)
  • 2 Dinners (add 30€, optional)
  • Paragliding (to include please pay 50€)


What to Expect


This tour is for people who are interested to discover the nature, the history and the hospitality of Albania. This tour provides access to a variety of old towns, hospitality people, beautiful beaches, dramatic mountains and the Adriatic Coast.


  • Everyday different, stunning, sun-kissed beaches
  • The castle of Ali Pasha
  • Fresh sea food in the Southern Coast
  • The hypnotic spring of “Blue Eye”
  • The stone city of Gjirokastra


Departing from Tirana at 9am or pick up from Mother Teresa Airport. The first stop is Vlora, which is located in the south of Albania. In Vlore we will see the division of the Adriatic and the Jonian sea. The Jon Sea is well known for its beauty and unspoiled nature. After a short coffee stop to enjoy the seaside view, the next stop is the National Park of Llogara, which is surrounded by pine trees, and sits at an elevation of 1000 meters above sea level. Before traveling further south, we stop here for a traditional lunch to enjoy the refreshing sea breezes. The panoramic views of the seashore from the road are amazing and you can take some wonderful photographs as we move down to the sea. During our trip to Himare we stop at several beaches to enjoy the views and the fresh sea air. Afterward we will continue our journey to drive up-hill at Pilur Village, to be a guest at a local guesthouse. Here we will be accommodated and experience the Albanian hospitality.



This day holds some of the most beautiful cities and beaches of Albania. After breakfast, we depart for more adventure. On our way to Sarande we visit the castle of “Ali Pasha”, a good place to visit for its history and beautiful view of the sea. We continue to a beach named Borsh, which is one of the longest beaches in the south Albania with coastline that covers three kilometers. After enjoying the coastline panorama, we will travel to a village called Nivice or Bamatat to have our lunch. The next stop is Sarande the last city in south Albania. We will spend some time in Sarande and we will continue to Dhoksat village. On this old village, full of heartfelt people, we will experience another Albanian hospitality. We will be accommodated at a small guest house.



After having breakfast we will explore and chill in the village by learning the history of this village. Afterward we will depart to one of the most beautiful cities of Albania and drive back into history. Gjirokaster is an ancient city which lies in the historical region of Epirius. Nestled in a valley of the Gjere Mountains, Gjirokaster sits beside the Drino River at 300m (984 ft) above sea level and is famous for its beautiful stone houses and steep stone streets. We take some time to wander the ruins of the castle of Gjirokaster which overlooks the city. The castle contains a military museum featuring German and Italian artillery from the Communist resistance as well as a captured US Air Force plane which commemorates the Communist regime’s struggle against the “imperialist” western powers. We will have lunch in this ancient city. Next, we will head to Tirana and finish our marvelous tour.

The unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera, with beautiful rocky beaches, turquoise waters and busy summer nightlife.

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