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Yacht Rental

Rent a Yacht and explore the Albanian Coastline
The Albania coastline has recently become one of Europe’s favorite adventure to be discovered. The constant sunshine. Also clear blue waters. And rugged landscape are steeped in an energetic culture first of all comprised of both old and new. The history is prevalent in castles, museums and nature. Whilst the famous Albanian nightlife, bars, clubs and port side cafes in Saranda. A sailing holiday in the Albania coastline will allow you to experience. More than the average mainland holidaymaker could even imagine.
Rent a Galeon 340 Fly from 770€/day included skipper.

Rent a Helicopter

Explore Albania by the air
For those people looking for a unique experience, this activity should not be missed! This excursion allows guests. The opportunity to explore the more remote and local areas of Albania from the air. Guests are flown over the remotest parts only accessible by air. Discovering the wonderful waterfalls and the Albanian coastline.

Rent a Jeep

Explore Albania on your own way. Driving a Jeep in Albania is for those who want to travel off the beaten track. And explore some of the amazing rural locations that ordinary tour buses just cannot reach.
Suzuki Jimny 50€/day Jeep Wrangler 80€/day