Pogradec is a wonderful place , a border town , meeting point between east and west , which is located
on the shores of the Ohrid lake. The town has a wonderful top of the view and most of people who have
been in there have a deep desire to go back again .

The town is located in the south –east of Albanian map and we recommand you this town because you
can taste wonderful and delecious food of the zone and you can breath freely.
The town is characterized for a very good continental climate with fresh and wet summer , despite
this you can really enjoy even the winter. The winter in there is cold because of the geographic position ,
but a lot of people who have been both in winter and summer , want to come again and again .
Pogradec has an ancient history ,cultural ,archeological and natural monuments. Archaeological
excavations on the hill above the city have uncovered an Illyrian settlement of the 5th century BC,
belonging to the ancient Desaret and Enkelej tribes.
Some of the most interesting monuments where the visitor can stay are: The ruins of an Illyrian
settlement and a Christian church with colorful mosaics, found in the picturesque village of Lin which is
located on the shores of Lake Ohrid.
In the village of Upper Selca, populated since the 6th century BC, which sought to join the battles of
Alexander the Great, five ancient monumental tombs have been found with carved entrances showing
the fame of the powerful ancient city of Pelion, where lived the Illyrian king, Klit.
We cannot leave without mentioning the famous Egnatia road built by the Romans which served as a
passageway for Roman soldiers, to develop trade and to conquer other countries.
Pogradec has a museum rich in antiquity and wartime evidence, has an old Orthodox church, called the
Church of St. Mary and is located in the old quarter of Pogradec, as well as a new church, with a very
special architecture called resurrection. The city also has two mosques. One is located in the center of
the city and the other in the neighborhood called Gorica.
There are many places worth seeing in this city, one of the other places that is full of trees and
surrounded by oxygen is Driloni. A place where, apart from the greenery, there could be no lack of
swans that attract many tourists with their elegance.
Pogradec cuisine is a cuisine that best suits the Mediterranean cuisine as well as the Albanian
cuisine itself. From the geographical position of the extension of this province, the cooking of
Pogradec has a similarity with the cooking of the regions that surround and limit it. The dishes
of this area are dishes that have similarities with the dishes of the Korca region, but this cuisine
also has its features where it is more pronounced and unique. These changes can be seen in
fish-based dishes but also in the ancient tradition inherited from the early settlements of the

Enkelejde tribe on the shores of Ohrid in the town of Nen Kala (Poradec) wine production.
These features also extend from village to village and from area to area.
Traditional Pogradec dishes are classified in these main groups.
• Fish-based cooking
• Meat-based cooking
• Dough cooking
The Pogradec tradition is more focused on fish-based cooking and mainly on Korani fish (Salmo
Lenticia), an endemic species of trout, the king of Lake Ohrid. Koran is a species with high
nutritional values that is widely used in Pogradec and Macedonian gastronomy. In addition to
the Koran, cooking with Belushke, Merene, Klen, Cironka or Pllashica, Krapi.
The restaurants in Pogradec region are focused on offering traditional cooking to many
customers and tourists according to the above three groupings.
Cooked fish dishes: baked, roasted, baked in a bag, roasting in charcoal, roasting in flagstone,
casserole with nuts and onions, casserole with vegetables, fried fish, canned pickled carp with
vinegar, salt and spices, cironka ( traditional name of little fish ) with tomato sauce and garlic in
the oven, closed pot in pressure cooker, dried cironka.
The uniqueness of the Koran pan prepared in the city of Pogradec is unique because in the
Pogradec tradition the cooking of the Koran by early fishermen has been and continues to be
accomplished with water from the springs of Lake Ohrid which gives the special taste of cooking
with fish taste which you do not find in the cooking of the same fish with a water from another
The famous answer given by the German lake guard to a group of Albanian guerrillas in the
movie “Morning War”, with the theme of the war in Pogradec. So famous is the Koran “King” of
the lake that it comes to us through such reminiscences from history. It is also well known that
Queen Elizabeth of England said, “The Queen of England is coming to meet the Queen of the
Lake,” an expression she uttered after tasting the rare fish on the shores of neighboring Ohrid.
Together with Belushka, Ngjalla and Klen they are the most favorite dishes of tourists. But also
from a scientific point of view it is a unique case of a special and endemic species that grows
only here.

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