About Us

Our company is one of the first to engage in all forms of nature and rural tourism. Whether it be agritourism, ecotourism, cultural or adventure, the rural landscape of Albania offers perfectly versatile choices for the visitors interested to experience, understand and enjoy interaction with one of the oldest cultures in Europe.

Our standard and customised tours, carefully designed by our team, present the individual traveler, small groups or families with a lifetime impact that only the particular blend of cultural heritage and landscape distinct to Albania can. We lead the traveler to remote mountain areas, across stunning valleys, into peculiar natural protected areas, and on lakes residing in the bosom of Alps all the while unfolding before them historical sites, castles and ruins spanning from antiquity to middle ages that are second to none.


Safety is all which is required from our clients is to make the most to enjoy the tours, for all the rest we and our professional partners of the first aid are taking care. Including helicopters in case of emergencies. Everything is under control!


We have trodden all the unexplored paths of Albania and closely cooperate with local guides so that our entire client’s experience might be unique. We are organised and take care of every detail. In our business we have found out that ‘Chance is not needed to the prepared’


Our tradition is such that: Our dwellings are opened to guests and God alike. Albanian hospitality is a value that has prevailed over past poverty. Everybody talks about it once they encounter it. So will you!


We like to see ourselves as a big family where each one makes a difference, combining our skills and dependability to offer the best of tours. With professionalism We enjoy seeing our clients making their selves right at home, immersed in the experience we provide.

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